Fall 2017 Higher Education Profile

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the United States and Puerto Rico was home to 2,960 regionally accredited post-secondary institutions during fall 2017. The majority of institutions were public but the total count for each sector were 753 public four-year schools, 860 public two-year schools, 1,325 private nonprofit four-year schools, and 22 private nonprofit two-year schools. Students were enrolled in associates degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctoral degrees. Many of these institutions also offered online courses and online degrees.

These 2,960 institutions enrolled 18,603,876 students in fall 2017: 15,868,132 in undergraduate programs and 2,735,744 in graduate programs. A total of 5,820,886 students attending post-secondary schools in the United States and Puerto Rico took at least one distance education course, representing 31.2 percent of all enrollments. A total of 2,404,789 students were enrolled exclusively (100% online) in distance education courses with 1,646,359 (68.4%) of those residing in the same state as the school.

It is important to note how we count institutions at GetYourDegreeAmerica.com. All of our data comes directly form the National Center for Education Statistics' Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. Every institution or campus can be associated to a single "institutionID" (ID) and it depends on the institution whether they have one ID for all campuses or one ID for each campus. For example, in fall 2017, the University of Florida had one ID for the main campus in Gainesville but also one ID for the online campus, the University of Florida Online. Both of these campuses are regionally accredited and they both have their own ID and are therefore counted individually on GetYourDegreeAmerica.com.

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